A vanilla+ mod for Minecraft 1.14

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Image for Additional mobs in structures

Additional mobs in structures

Adds configurable spawn weights for vanilla structures. By default, Husks will exclusively spawn within Desert Temples and Vindicators will respawn inside Mansions.

Image for End Portal Runes

End Portal Runes

If the Quark mod is available and Colored Runes are enabled, you can use them in an End Portal. Set the same runes in two portals to connect them to each other, allowing for immediate travel between Strongholds.

Image for Endermite Powder

Endermite Powder

Endermite Powder has a chance of being dropped from Endermites when killed by a player. Right-click while holding it in the End to help locate an End City.

Image for Fumaroles


Fumaroles are small columns of hot steam rising from the floor of the Nether. Sometimes they erupt, sending entities that are placed on them high into the air.

Image for More village biomes

More village biomes

Villages also appear in swamps and jungles. Villagers spawning in these villages will use their correct biome texture.

Image for More villager trades

More villager trades

Adds additional trades to village professions.

Image for Nether gold deposits

Nether gold deposits

Gold deposits appear in clusters in the Nether. They can be broken to obtain gold nuggets.

Image for Structure maps

Structure maps

Cartographer villagers sell maps to the following structures close to them.