A vanilla+ mod for Minecraft 1.14

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Image for Ambient music improvements

Ambient music improvements

"Creative" music may now play in survival mode. When a music disc is played in a jukebox, in-game ambient music will be stopped and prevented from playing so that you don't get two tracks playing at the same time.

Image for Automatic recipe unlock

Automatic recipe unlock

All recipes will be available on login. This was the first feature written for 1.14 before Quark was developed as I couldn't live without it. Quark's implementation is better, so this feature will automatically disable itself if Quark is present.

Image for Cauldron water source

Cauldron water source

Cauldrons act as a permanent water source for buckets and bottles when the player is sneaking.

Image for Composter improvements

Composter improvements

Composter inputs and outputs can be added by the configuration file. By default, rotten flesh is compostable and there is a chance for more bonemeal and mushrooms to be output when the composter is full.

Image for Emerald block opens trades

Emerald block opens trades

Right click a villager while sneaking and holding a block of emerald to open all the villager's closed trades and regenerate some of the villager's health.

Image for Extra music discs

Extra music discs

All in-game ambient music by C418 is available on music discs, including the "underwater" tracks added in Minecraft 1.13. These music discs are dropped by zombies that were killed by skeletons.

Image for Husk improvements

Husk improvements

Husks can now spawn underground in their biomes and also have a chance to drop sand when killed.

Image for Leather armor invisibility

Leather armor invisibility

Leather armor is now completely invisible and does not increase mob awareness when drinking a Potion of Invisibility, giving you a bit more protection while you ninja.

Image for Mobs affected by beacon

Mobs affected by beacon

A beacon with the secondary effect of Regeneration will heal all tamed, friendly and neutral mobs in the area around it. With the secondary effect of Strength, all nearby monsters will receive Weakness.

Image for No anvil minimum XP

No anvil minimum XP

This small change to vanilla code allows anvil recipes to not require at least 1 level of XP. It fits better for certain actions, such as tallow increasing durability.

Image for Pickaxes break pistons

Pickaxes break pistons

Pickaxes are now the effective tool for breaking pistons and sticky pistons, rather than no effective tool.

Image for Remove Nitwits

Remove Nitwits

Prevents nitwits from spawning as new villagers. It also converts any nitwits in freshly loaded chunks to unemployed villagers.

Image for Remove potion glint

Remove potion glint

Removes the enchanted glowing effect from potions so you can actually see their true color.

Image for Sponges reduce fall damage

Sponges reduce fall damage

Landing on sponge absorbs some of the player's fall damage.

Image for Stackable enchanted books

Stackable enchanted books

Enchanted books can stack up to 16 making them sortable.

Image for Stackable potions

Stackable potions

Potions, water bottles, potion bases (mundane, awkward etc) and their splash/lingering varieties can stack up to 16 making them sortable and more convenient to carry around.

Image for Tamed animals no damage

Tamed animals no damage

Tamed animals no longer take direct damage from players. They still suffer secondary effects, such as potion effects from a tipped arrow.

Image for Use Totem of Undying from inventory

Use Totem of Undying from inventory

As long as a Totem of Undying is in your inventory (rather than specifically your main- or off-hand) it will be consumed to protect you from death.

Image for Witches drop luck

Witches drop luck

A witch has a slight chance to drop a Potion of Luck when killed by a player.