A vanilla+ mod for Minecraft 1.14

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Image for All the Barrels

All the Barrels

Barrels of each type of vanilla wood can be crafted using the respective wood planks and slabs. These extra barrels work with Quark's drop-off and sort features.

Image for Bookshelf Chests

Bookshelf Chests

This is a bookshelf that has 9 inventory slots for storing books. It provides the same enchanting power as a normal bookshelf as long as there is at least 1 slot occupied, and can be crafted from each of the 6 vanilla wood types.

Image for Crates


Crates offer a smaller storage solution than a chest or barrel with the benefit of being transportable making it an early game alternative to shulkerboxes. Crates are also available in all vanilla wood variants.

Image for Gold Lanterns

Gold Lanterns

A Gold Lantern is crafted with gold nuggets instead of iron nuggets.

Image for Random animal textures

Random animal textures

Wolves may spawn with alternate textures. Black, grey and brown variants are available, as well as textures kindly contributed by jupiter1930 and All_My_Own_Trash.