A vanilla+ mod for Minecraft 1.14

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Image for Block of Ender Pearls

Block of Ender Pearls

Craft a Block of Ender Pearls from 9 ender pearls. If a silverfish burrows into an Ender Pearl Block, it will turn into an Endermite. Eating a Chorus Fruit will teleport you to the nearest Ender Pearl Block rather than a random location. Both features are configurable.

Image for Block of Moonstone

Block of Moonstone

Craft a Block of Moonstone from 4 moonstones of the same color. Moonstone blocks are bright, decorative tiled blocks that come in 16 different colors. They also change their light level according to the moon phase.

Image for Block of Rotten Flesh

Block of Rotten Flesh

Craft 9 rotten flesh into a Block of Rotten Flesh for storage. When placed in the world, the block will turn to dirt when next to water. Placing a block under farmland will increase the speed at which planted crops grow.

Image for Smooth Glowstone

Smooth Glowstone

Smelt glowstone in a furnace to get smooth glowstone. It has a smoother texture and emits the same light level. Use a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe to pickup the block again.