Image for the morevillagebiomes feature

More Village Biomes

Villages may generate in more biomes. The biome determines the type of materials that village buildings are constructed from.

The default configuration allows villages to spawn in the following biomes:

  • Cold biomes, made of spruce wood: Taiga, Mutated Taiga, Mutated Taiga Cold, Ice Flats, Mutated Ice Flats.
  • Jungle biomes, made of jungle wood: Jungle, Mutated Jungle.
  • Savanna biomes, made of acacia wood: Savanna, Mutated Savanna.
  • Plains biomes, made of oak wood: Plains, Mutated Plains, Swampland, Mutated Swampland.
  • Desert biomes, made from sandstone: Desert, Mutated Desert.

1.12 only