Image for the crate feature


Offers a smaller storage solution than a chest or barrel with the benefit of being transportable making it an early game alternative to shulkerboxes.

Crates are also available in all vanilla wood variants. Crate contents can be measured using a comparator, like a vanilla chest. You can also see the crate's contents as a tooltip if you hover over the crate in your inventory.

Minecraft 1.12

Add a name tag to the crate to see the crate's name as a hover-over.

If the Quark mod is available and Quark's Chest Buttons and Chest Searching features are enabled, the crate will make use of this functionality.

If the Inventory Tweaks mod is available, the crate can be sorted and organised using buttons.

Sealed crates

You may seal a crate with an iron ingot on an anvil - the only way to release items from a sealed crate is to break it open.

A sealed crate does not let you access its inventory and is not transportable even with silk touch. Warning! If the sealed crate contains at least 1 TNT block, it will be activated as soon as the crate is destroyed. If it contains spawn eggs, they will immediately hatch.

If the Abandoned Crates feature is enabled, sealed crates can be found scattered in caves fairly close to the surface.